Dr. Atkins in the Media

Dr. Atkins in the Media

Interview with the Mother Company, September 2011

Interview for Parents Magazine January 2011

Interview for Parents Magazine April 2010

Interview with Mens Health Magazine, October 2010

Selamta, regular contributor for Ethiopian Airlines In-Flight Magazine

Teenagers Today: “Moving Day, Teenagers Can Cope with Family Relocations”

Teenagers Today: “You’re Not My Father! Helping Teens Adjust to New Stepfamilies”

Better Homes and Gardens, October 2003: “Family Friendly Manners”

USA Weekend July 18, 2004: “Telling White Lies”

Parent & Child Magazine: “Talking About Sex and the Body”

NashvilleParent, Febuary 2005,
“What to do…(children and homework)”

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Charitble Website:
“Bringing Up the Birds and Bees”

New Hampshire Public Radio: “Kids & War”

What’s Up? Winter 2005

Three years after September 11th
Is the nation still feeling the impact?

Parent’s Journel Interview “Teaching Your Child Manners”

Talking About Sex and the Body

New England Psychologist, August/September 2004 Issue

January 7, 2004: Kids & War, Interview
on the NH Public Radio Program, the Exchange

“Teaching Your Child Manners,” Interview with The Parents Journal and Bobbi Conner

“Talking About Sex and the Body,” Interview with Scolastic’s Parent & Child

“Kids and War,” Interview with NH Public Radio program, The Exchange

May, 2004: Featured guest on “The Exchange”, an NPR radio program.  Interview focused upon how best to help children understand and cope with war/terrorism.

October, 2003: Interview for an article in Better Homes & Gardens, fall issue.  Topic:  Teaching manners and limit setting.

September, 2003: Featured on Radio Disney, a syndicated radio program for children and their parents.  Topic:  Sibling Rivalry.

September, 2003: Featured on The Parents Journal, NPR nationally syndicated radio program.  Interview focused upon sibling rivalry and parental approaches to handle this issue.

August, 2003 : Featured on The Parents Journal, NPR nationally syndicated radio program.  The program focused upon teaching manners/ pro-social behaviors to children.

June, 2003: Featured on The Parents Journal, NPR nationally syndicated radio program.  Interview encompassed parental limit setting for children.

June, 2003: Interview:  “ADHD & Its Influence on Female Adolescent Development.”  ADDitudes Magazine.

June, 2003: Author of “Toward Understanding Adult ADHD-Part 2,” Dartmouth Health Letter; Summer, 2003.

March, 2003: “Suicide & Depression in Teenagers” Radio Interview on WNTK in Londonderry, NH

December, 2002: Author of “Toward Understanding Adult ADHD,” Dartmouth Health Letter; Fall, 2002, Vol. 3:3.

October, 2002: Radio Interview on the Lori and Julia Show on 107 WFMP-FM out of St. Paul, MN; discussing how to talk to children & pre-teens about sex.

September, 2002: Author of “Compassion Fatigue-a Reflection of My work at Ground Zero,” in the Dartmouth Medicine, Fall Issue.

August, 2002: Interview: “Hope in America, The Future of America’s Children.”  Elks Magazine.

January, 2002: Interview:  “Talking to Your ADHD Teen About Sex.”  ADDitudes Magazine.

December, 2001: Interview:  “Children That Don’t Fit In- Ways to Deal with Being Bullied or Teased.”  Cleveland Plain Dealer: Newspaper in Cleveland, OH.

December, 2001: Interview: “Sibling Rivalry.”  Herald Newspaper in Maryland.

November, 2001: Interview:  “Teaching Your Children Good Manners.”  Red Book Magazine.

December, 2000:  Featured on PBS special, The Doctor Is In: Childhood Depression.

November, 1999: Featured Speaker on School Violence Prevention Program I helped to create.  Prescription for Learning: Violence Prevention: Part 2 of Series “Breaking The Cycle Of Violence,” International VideoConference Sponsored by 20 Major Groups including National Education Association, PBS, PTA, etc.


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