Accolades & Awards

What People Are Saying About Dr. Atkins’ Lectures/Workshops:

“!Muchas Gracias!  Not only did you help me recall why I became a teacher but you actually saved my life.  With all that I have been seeing and dealing with, you personally helped me realize that suicide is not a solution.  Now I can return to my students and keep trying to make a difference one student at a time. Even if it is one student whom I help. You gave me hope.”
“Dr. Atkins’ has the unique combination having been a school teacher and being a clinical psychologist. It makes having him in our school invaluable.”
“Dr. Atkins is not your average presenter.  If you expect a Power Point presentation where you can check your personal email, then you will be extremely disappointed.  He is energetic, engaging and can bring home points that startle you.”
“Students and staff alike seek him out. He has demystified asking for support to the point where our school sees having face to face contact with Dr. Atkins as being “cool”
“Dr. Atkins’ no-nonsense, style makes understanding what is happening in my classroom and with my students very clear.”
“Dr. Atkins is not only a (clinical) psychologist, but he is also a mentor and support for us and for any organization or school that he enters.”
“I try to hear every presentation he gives when he is in my area. His compassion and humor always moves me and makes me wonder where the time went.”
“This was the best ethics workshop I have been to; very realistic scenarios dealt with sensitively. I learned substantial new information.”
 “Excellent facilitator; Dr. Atkins encouraged group input and kept it interesting.”
“He is the best speaker on ethics I have ever listened to and hope he will return to Florida many times.”
“Dr. Atkins really made me think about what I was seeing in my classroom.  After his lecture, I went home and actually cried.  The next day I went back into my classroom and tried some of the suggestions he offered regarding student behavior and how it impedes my teaching.  I had the best day that I could remember in a long while.  I will attend every presentation by Dr. Atkins that I can.”
“Good presenter. Interesting. Better than I expected as most ethics conferences are very dry.”
“Dr. Atkins has a no-nonsense way of helping me understand why my son acts the way he does. He’s helped my family more than I could have ever imagined.”
“Knowledgeable, personable, bright- excellent presenter.”
“I enjoyed Dr. Atkins’ presentation today. He had a lot of information to share and I liked the use of case vignettes. Dr. Atkins connected well with audience.”
“Case presentations were helpful and thought-provoking. I really enjoyed Dr. Atkins’ excellent presentation!”
“Dr. Atkins really covered a lot and particularly the important points in a really limited period of time, especially for such a complex topic.”
“This was an ethics workshop I would attend for a whole day… Much better than the usual didactic legalese.”
“Dr. Atkins has a way of taking complex/difficult concepts and making them fun, digestible, and meaningful to my practice.”


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